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 Thursday 16th January Forever Flowerz - Roses Refills
Sunday 19th January Crystal Art
Tuesday 21st January Lynette Jasper
Saturday 1st February Forever Flowerz - Rose & Begonia Stamps & Dies
Wednesday 12th February Forever Flowerz - New Peonies
Saturday 22nd February Crystal Art
Saturday 29th February Craft Buddy Clearance
Monday 9th March Crystal Art/Forever Flowerz
Tuesday 10th March Lynette Jasper
Wednesday 11th March Crystal Art/Forever Flowerz
Thursday 12th March Craft Buddy - Lantern Dies
Monday 30th March Forever Flowerz
Tuesday 31st March Crystal Art/Craft Buddy Gem it
Wednesday 15th April Forever Flowerz - Begonias
Saturday 25th April Craft Buddy Clearance
Wednesday 29th April Crystal Art
Friday 1st May Craft Buddy
Monday 8th June Forever Flowerz Christmas Launch
Saturday 13th June Crystal Art Christmas Launch
Tuesday 16th June Lynette Jasper Christmas Special
Thursday 18th June Craft Buddy Christmas Launch